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About us

We are providing the following services:

  • Reception and transmission of orders in relation to one or more financial instruments;

  • Execution of orders of behalf of clients;

  • Safekeeping and administration of financial instruments for the account of clients, including custodianship and related services such as cash/collateral management;


We have a license for Financial Investment Services!

Our license and all our operations are under strict regulation and monitoring of Vanuatu Financial Services Commission. Our business is transparent. We are required to provide monthly detailed reports and ask permission from the regulator regarding any change in our business model. We are forbidden to use our customers’ funds for any operational scope. You can find us on the regulator’s website. Please check our license here.


We use fully segregated accounts!

All client funds, without any exceptions, are fully segregated into a special client account and kept separate from our company’s funds. Segregation ensures that client funds will not be used to pay back creditors in the unlikely event of the company’s default or insolvency. All funds, whether they are classified as company funds or client funds, are kept without any exceptions in world class financial European and Middle Eastern institutions, amongst the safest in their category.


We choose our partners carefully!

We are very strict in choosing our partners. Our payment providers, agents and IB’s go through a long process of assessment.


Our customer always comes first!

Any feedback or complaint from our customers regarding any of our partners will prevail. This is on top of our model.


“Every mountain top is within reach if you just keep climbing.”

We measure success in the satisfaction of our customers. Our management team comes from key players in the investment field.
We understand and constantly strive to satisfy their needs. We always look up and will always encourage you to do the same.