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1Are there any risks involved in margin trading?
Trading with financial instruments, particularly in margin, bears considerable risk. Make sure you understand all the specifications of the instruments and the market’s mechanisms before trading real money. You have plenty of tools that will help you manage your risk in trading. Always make use of Stop Loss orders, monitor your margin requirements, do not insist on keeping loosing positions and do not over trade. Do this and you will be in complete control of your investment. Join our webinars and other educational events and learn how to be on the safe side of the market.
2Is it ok to take trading advice?
No one can exactly predict which direction a market will move. While some have more experience in trading than others and a better understanding of the markets, we advice you never blindly follow a trade recommendation from anyone. We encourage you to read and listen to any kind of interpretation of the market but in the end don’t forget you are solely responsible for each of your trades. Our analysis and forecasts are NOT trade recommendations but merely a personal view based on fundamental and technical events. Stay away from promises and contact us immediately if any of these promises come from any of our Introducing Partners.
3How safe are the funds I deposited with you?
We are fully licensed and regulated which means that we will and can not ever use your funds for our operational expenses. All the clients’ funds are kept separately in segregated accounts and are constantly reported to the competent authorities. We are required to report all our cash flow to our regulator.
4How can I become an Introducing Partner?
We are very strict on choosing our partners. We offer impeccable services and therefor demand the same. If you have proven professional experience and moral ethics, contact us and one representative will be in touch with you shortly.